Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Surpise Bridal Shower on my 31st Birthday!

Mom called me in late March to say that she had special plans for my 31st birthday. Closer to the date, I was told that we would go start our evening with a dinner out and that I should dress up a little bit (no jeans). I was not too curious, as I suspected that it would be a surprise dinner and show like she did for my 18th birthday when she took me out to a fancy Old Port bistro and then off to see "The Lord of the Dance".
Once in the car, Mom blindfolded me. She said that this restaurant was a surprise, new in the South Shore, and that she didn't want me to see where we were going or I might guess. I played along... never expecting what happened next!

An AMAZING Bridal Shower with sooo many wonderful women there to toast my up-coming marriage. I was truly shocked, and felt so loved by you all. What organization!

The theme was a Hollywood one, and so the gifts, games, decorating etc. all centred around this. I was the Glamour Queen for the Day!

Did I mention how VERY spoiled I was? Drummond keeps asking when his shower is?

A "BIG Thank You" go to Anne (the hostess with the mostest), Joanne, Kasia & Mom for organizing such a fantastic shower. What a special special day!

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Map: Directions to the Event

Map: Directions to the Event