Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Drummond & I have finally put together a 'Wish-List' in order to help our guests with wedding gift-giving ideas. We hope that the following list will help to ease the decision making for you, but please do not feel limited to what we have listed!

All registry information can be searched either under "Amanda Holt" or "Drummond Fraser".

We are registered at SEARS for small home appliances, linens and other fun items! You can visit SEARS On-Line for the Wedding Registry, or call the location nearest you for further information:

We are registered at ZONE Maison in Westmount for Wine Glasses and fun kitchen items. You can reach ZONE by calling 514-489-8901 or visit them On-Line (the on-line registry will be available at the top of July):

We were DELIGHTED to find out that friends from the Holt side were purchasing the Vita-Mix Super 5000 in black for us! THANK YOU SOO MUCH (you know who you are!)!!!
Naturally, with all our projects and home renovations, cash would be greatly appreciated as we tend to support/use local businesses (hard/farm ware, sawmills, etc.). Gift certificates to Canadian Tire or Home Hardware would also be useful for these projects!

We sincerely hope that having registered will help resolve some questions for our friends & family. Of course, just having you there with us to celebrate our marriage is honestly gift enough!

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Map: Directions to the Event

Map: Directions to the Event