Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wedding Preparations Continue

I am really starting to feel like Drummond, Kasia, Joanne, Mom & I deserve full salaries from the "Fairy God-Mother Bank" and 6 months vacation to plan this event. No detail, idea or tartan left unturned! We are pushing ahead with all the coordinating, organizing, visualizing and constructing. Yes, there is construction involved in this wedding project of ours.

Other words of thanks go out to:

Scott for soothing my bridal head from worries of music.

Shannon & Ilze for all their assistance and support over countless office lunches.

Misha for Friday afternoon lunches where I could blow off steam, all your Googling & Ebaying, planning ideas and Martha Stewart's definitive "Weddings" book loan.

Daryl for always being there for both Drummond & I with words of encouragement and offers to do a million things despite his hectic schedule.

George for being the best chauffer, ideas man, bench & obelisk maker and cork topper.

Both Jim & Dad for giving up their garages as storage space and keeping my Moms sane and with wine through all the planning. And naturally for all the support that you have and are giving us both unconditionally... umm, I do remember you both mentioning something about grandchildren on Father's Day.

Annie for giving me all kinds of help with decorations, hair styling, wine labels, ideas and support.

Marg for researching all sorts of Scottish traditions and dress shops.

Colonel Ciarroni for graciously organizing the very important Sword Party and supporting Drummond... and not letting him jump out of a plane 2 weeks before the wedding!

And to my other bridesmaids, Emily, Cindy & Jenn for always listening and offering to help despite the distance.

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Map: Directions to the Event

Map: Directions to the Event