Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meet the Bridal Party

Choosing my bridesmaids was a no-brainer, 4 best friends from 4 different places & times in my life... so easy? But how could I declare a maid of honour, as they are each sincerely MY BEST FRIEND.

Let's meet these amazing women:

Emily Wallace

We met when we were wee little girls in St-Lambert... was it through church or ballet? Didn't matter, Emily had an EasyBake Oven and a horse; we were destined to be friends for life.

She now lives in Saskatoon working for Environment Canada doing research on insects (I had no doubts this is what she would end up doing, she used my grad hosery to collect insects out of lake water). She and her boyfriend Phil are flying in for the big day! Woohoo!

Cindy Keet Johnson

Cindy & I met when I knocked on her farmhouse door (the new cottager) when I was 8 and introduced myself & asked if I could brush her horses. I quickly managed to sneak my way into the Keet family, helping with farm chores, participating in 4H events, fairs, July 1st parties... the list is endless.

I was Cindy's maid of honour and am so delighted to have her stand for me. I just pray that she will not add to the toast by way of getting even for mine at her nuptials! hahaha She will be traveling from Dalmeny Saskatchewan with her husband Paul & 3 children for the event.

Jennifer McKeogh Proctor

Jenn & I first met while working at Cedarome, although our lives had been interconnected for years in St-Lambert. We quickly became best friends and spent many fantastic times together... and helped get each other through the rough times too!

I was maid of honour at Jenn's wedding. She will be travelling from Richmond Virginia for the big day, leaving her husband Sam & the two boys at home.

Kasia Biniecki

Kasia & I met at the Liberal Arts College at Concordia University and have been swapping music, books & copies of Sex in the City ever since! We have been there for each other through the years, and even though we didn't share our childhood and teenage years together, it has always felt like we have known each other for our whole lives! She has been adopted into the Holt family. Maybe Rev. Moffat could baptize her a Holt at the wedding?

Being the only bridesmaid within a day's drive of the bride and wedding location (she lives in the greater Montreal area), alot of responsibility has fallen on dear Kasia - and here when she is taking on an overloaded MBA course schedule! She is wonderwoman! Kasia has been there for me organizing an amazing bridal shower, coming to the bridal shows, going to the florist... the dress fittings!

The next time that you see these ladies, they will be walking down the aisle and standing by my side as I make my vowes to Drummond!

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Drew Watts said...

This bridal party was truly stunning!! I had a great time watching these wedding pictures. The bride looks really cute in this gown. At one of best Seattle venues I am also going to tie knot soon. I have selected mermaid theme for my big day!

Map: Directions to the Event

Map: Directions to the Event