Friday, August 24, 2007

HorseShow Honeymoon Photos

The Bride & Groom decided many months ago to forgo the traditional honeymoon 'escape' and spend their first married week preparing and competing at a local horseshow.

Amanda's mare Diamond Pecos Bar (Penny) was ready for her first show, but when the trailor pulled up on Saturday morning, she refused to load into the trailer. The bride was not going to let this stop her from getting to the honeymoon horseshow, and decided to ride the stubborn mare 20 kms down the transCanada trail to the show site.

Once arrived, Amanda & Penny had missed all of their classes. The only classes left were those that neither had trained for or had ever done previously. Here were the results: 4th out of 4 in Trail (ironic that she was spookey in TRAIL class after spending 3 1/2 hours trail riding to get there without any freak-outs), 5th out of 12 in Command, 3rd out of 4 in Reigning (they even won money in this and beat out a competitor who trains for it!!!! WooHoo!), 4th out of 12 in Bareback Ride-a-Five. Amanda even got her name in the local paper for winning the McAlpine Farm Best Sportsman Trophy at the fair.

We are certain that the pair would have done really well had they made their actual classes in the morning. But most importantly, everyone had a great day and Amanda won the Sportmanship Trophy! Miracles of miracles... the mare loaded to get home to the farm and the pair were spared a long walk home.
Here are some photos of team 'Fraser' during the Reigning class - I think that the Bride & Groom may have to look at training up the fillies for this event, as we all had so much fun with the reigning!

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Map: Directions to the Event

Map: Directions to the Event