Thursday, August 2, 2007

Meet the Groomsmen... aka Best Men

Drummond has his two best friends standing for him at the wedding, his brother Hunter and his friend Daryl.

Both are exceptional men who have played important roles in Drummond's life and who have proved to be great supporters of our relationship. I feel especially blessed to have these two men standing for Drummond, as I can safely say that they are dear friends of mine too! Oddly enough, it's tough to find photos of them with Drummond as most of the time Drummond is taking the photos and I manage to get in them! I'll try to track down some other photos soon.

Hunter Fraser
Drummond's younger brother, Hunter is so much more than a brother. We are particularly blessed to have Hunter join us for the wedding, as he has travelled from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to be there for Drummond (he works for the UN) - we promise a cleaner shaven Hunter for the event then when in the DRC!

Major Daryl Morrell
Drummond & Daryl met through the military many years ago as young officers and quickly struck up a friendship. I know just how great their friendship was/is because I still haven't heard all the wild stories! Daryl will be travelling from Toronto to join us, and will be certain to ensure that Drummond is well rested and not hung-over for the wedding... right Daryl?

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Map: Directions to the Event

Map: Directions to the Event